It can be difficult to really make your mark within the highly competitive hospitality industry. Especially for new organisations starting up, getting your name out there and trying to generate business can be a real challenge. For restaurants in particular, nothing drives away passers-by who could have been potential customers like empty seats!

Bartercard makes the difficult process of running a hospitality business a lot simpler. By joining our extensive network, you’ll be able to tap into a market of customers like never before.

So how does it work for my business?

Our team has made sure to make the process as simple as possible, so you can spend less time worrying about your account and more time looking after your new influx of customers!

  • Step 1. You join Bartercard – signing up is simple and convenient, with a dedicated Account Manager to walk you through every step of the way
  • Step 2. You start deciding what you can purchase with barter trade dollars – Hospitality business owners can enjoy the benefits of being able to purchase wine for their restaurants, contractors for renovations, furniture for their hotel rooms, and so much more. Once you start networking, you’ll find the options are endless.
  • Step 3. You watch the customers pour in. One of the main advantages of joining Bartercard is that you have access to a whole customer base who are specifically looking for your type of service that they can use their barter trade dollars on. Whether it’s a business owner using their trade dollars for personal use, or vouchers being purchased as staff incentives, you’ll find that opening your world up to Bartercard members is a profitable move.

Enquire with Bartercard Hospitality today and get on the right track towards improving your business!