Do you have empty rooms you would like to fill? Are you looking for a competitive edge?

Successful hoteliers know that finding cost effective ways to reduce operating expenses can over time dramatically improve profitability. The challenge is reducing operating expenses without sacrificing quality of service.

Almost all hotels have some excess capacity (i.e. unoccupied hotel rooms or empty restaurant tables). If there was a way to make spare capacity more productive, the incremental (marginal) cost to do so would greatly improve the hotel or restaurant’s profitability.

Some of the more savvy hoteliers across Australia know how to meet this challenge. Bartercard enables more than 24,000 Australian businesses to barter goods and services without the need for cash – helping to boost their sales, profits, cashflow and customer base.

By using the Bartercard interest free line of credit, hoteliers have been able to pay for many of their operating expenses, including cleaning and maintenance expenses such as carpet and window cleaning, dry cleaning, pest control, gardening, security and renovations to name a few, without using their cash. Bartercard then directs new business to the hotels to increase their trade balance to fund these purchases.

The net result is a ‘win/win’. The hoteliers have saved their cash up front (improved cashflow) and have acquired new customers to fill up some of their spare capacity (unoccupied hotel rooms) at a marginal cost. Therefore they have increased their cash profitability, by offsetting cash expenses and increasing new customer sales.

The question you need to ask yourself as a hotelier is, if you have to spend $1,000 on expenses such as cleaning, maintenance or marketing, would you rather pay cash or indirectly barter some room nights that would otherwise have been empty?


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