Beware of Bartercard Scam – Hoax Email

Bartercard is issuing a warning in regards to emails potentially being sent out posed as though they are from us. We have no control over these kinds of hoax emails being sent out, but we can provide advice on how to best identify and avoid them. With your assistance in reporting any Bartercard scams you may encounter, which you can do through the form to the right, we can also work toward shutting these down more effectively.
If you do get an email from Bartercard, check:

  • Your name has been spelt correctly
  • The email address that it has been sent from is a solicited Bartercard one
  • The body of the email is not full of spelling and grammatical errors
  • You are not being asked to provide any personal information at all, including account details, credit card numbers, and more
  • Don’t click on any links in a suspicious-looking email, as they may use this to download a virus to your computer
  • If you have any suspicions at all, do not hesitate to get in contact with Bartercard and discuss it with one of our professional consultants